Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ow ow ow

I hate my wisdom teeth. The pain goes from really annoying to utter agony every day or two. I can't concentrate on my schoolwork, and I'm barely sleeping and eating. Tylenol just isn't doing the trick anymore. I finally convinced my dentist to stop "consulting" and "looking" and start "doing his job". So I'm scheduled for emergency surgery on the 17th. It's gonna probably hurt like hell afterwards, but it can't be any worse than what I'm feeling now. And did I mention I have no dental insurance? *sob*

I wonder if one can have dreams while under anesthetic? If it's possible, I want an extremely trippy Myst dream. I want to think Atrus is giving me a tour of Ae'gura and Cyan Worlds and showing me brand new Ages while I'm in my unconscious haze.

With my luck, I'd probably dream of Achenar torturing me by ripping out all of my teeth with rusty pliers.

Some good news...I'm coming home for the surgery, so I get to spend time with friends and family on Easter weekend. I also successfully picked almost all of my classes for my final semester at college (still waiting on word from the Costume Design teacher). For the Costuming portion in Beginning Design, I got an A and I get to keep the lovely apron I made. And seeing as I'll most likely be out of commission for a few days after the surgery, I get to stay home in Quincy to recuperate and have it count as an excused absence, and Mom will drive me back to school, so no smelly Peter Pan bus ride back for me.

Also, I turned 23 on Sunday. Here it comes: oh god I'm 23 what am I gonna do with my life?!


Blogger Deg said...

I think I had a dream once where RAWA was showing me around Ae'gura. But normally my dreams are not about Myst. Daydreams, on the other hand, are another story...

12:14 PM  

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