Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dilly Dally Shilly Shally (Insomnia!)

I finally got around to seeing Final Fantasy Advent Children, making me the last person on the Internet to do so. It was okay, but like Chinese food: delicious at the time, but 15 minutes later your tummy is unsatisfied. It's pure fanwank, but it's still fun. Hey remember when Tifa (my powerhouse character) kicked butt? Square sure doesn't! And this film had waaay too much emo-Cloud (pop the collar) and too few Turks and Red XIII. Oh well, it had Sephiroth, and I do loves me some One-Winged Angel (oh shush, he was my very first bishonen). I also saw the extra that summarized the game with its cutscenes, which was nice because I didn't remember any of the plot. Oh god, that game's graphics have not aged well AT ALL. I'll just have to wait for the possible remake for the PS3 that I can't afford.

Cars was cute. Above Toy Story 1 and 2 and Bug's Life, but below Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc (my fave Pixar film).

For her upcoming 50th birthday, my mom is getting an early present: a trip to Aruba in July from my aunt. Which means that Dad will be housesitting for that week! Yay!

Thinking of starting up Baten Kaitos again. I didn't get very far last time. I need something to prevent me from refreshing my email every 2 minutes for a possible Uru Live beta invite. (Spoiler Warning: I already know this plan will not work)

If anyone reading this has Comcast On Demand, check out the masterpiece Sidekicks under the Free Movies section. Full of 1980s and Chuck Norris. It is the broke man's Karate Kid. And yes, this movie is still hilarious even if you're sick to death of the Chuck Norris Internet meme that will not die. (Recommendation: Watch this with friends at 3am for maximum funny)

I need to pick up some DVDs this summer. I think I'll just suck up the 160 bucks (I hate you HBO) and buy the Carnivale Season 1 and 2 sets. And get the Strangers With Candy series set and the Stella set. Speaking of SWC, can't wait to finally see the movie!


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