Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm a big fan of Nintendo, so I've been very excited about the upcoming Wii. And similar to waiting for Uru Live's release, I've been waiting for the price/date announcement of the Wii with bated breath. And apparently, so has the entire Internet.

Nintendo is having a gaming conference over the next couple of days. Tonight is the Japanese one, then tomorrow morning is the American one. But I've never been good with patience when it comes to videogames. I've been sitting at my computer since 8pm, having fifty windows open to every gaming news site I can think of, and hitting the refresh button over and over and over again. One site, GWN, claimed to have live blog coverage of the Japanese event, and it was the one site that I really focused on.

Oh GWN. They covered an event alright: a press conference...from last year. They had no clue until 20 minutes in. I've never laughed so hard. I'm crying on the inside, but I still see the humor of it all.

So no one knows when the real event is happening, or if the media is even allowed into the conference at all. But here I am, still F5ing game forums like a moron. Beats doing homework, though!


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