Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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I got to play the Wii during Thanksgiving Break. My friends and I played lots of Wii Sports and Excite Truck. Adam also showed me Madden and Zelda, and I bought him Red Steel. I am definitely gonna buy a Wii when I come home and get a job. Speaking of jobs, there are two places in Quincy that are looking for secretary/front desk workers, one of which is very flexible with hours. Flexibility would be great for me to accomodate auditioning.

Today, my group performed our lighting project. The project was you had to pick one song from any musical (around 5 minutes long) and program all the lighting for it while you found actors to perform it. We did pretty well seeing as we waited until the last minute to work on it! It was hard because one of the group was busy on the crew for the department's production of Christmas Carol.

Anyway, we chose the song "The Ballad of Guiteau" from the musical Assassins (which is now my favorite musical). The play is about all the successful and failed assassins of American presidents: Giteau who killed Garfield, Czolgosz who killed McKinley, Booth who killed Lincoln, etc. A touch twisted, but with Sondheim behind the music, you can't help but love it.

We were fast with figuring out the light plot and color schemes on Sunday, but by Monday night we still didn't have any actors to play the two roles of Guiteau and the Narrator/Balladeer! We kept calling people, but just like us, every other student is running into their own crunch times. While thinking of anyone that could be available, Dan and I both said at the same time, "Oh my god, Alec would be perfect for Guiteau!!" We were so lucky that he was able to get out of shop hours long enough to rehearse and perform today. But we still couldn't find anyone to play the Balladeer.

Now Penny (our professor) tends to frown on people in the group performing in their own project; she wants you to work on the lighting not the acting. But we were in a pickle, and seeing as we had three people in the group as opposed to only two like the others--I got to play the Balladeer! With this project, you don't have to sing if you don't want to--you can lip sync or just pantomime along. But seeing as this was my last performance in UMass, and I knew all the words from listening to nothing else but the soundtrack the entire weekend, I decided that I was gonna belt it out.

Here's a video of the song that we did (from the Broadway revival in 2004):


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