Friday, February 09, 2007

Glad To Move On

It's official: I am now a college graduate! I got my diploma in the mail minutes before the DRC Forums Gathering. Even though I wish the event had gone more civilly, it was hard to feel too down with my degree in my lap. I'm just so glad to get it. I figured I wouldn't receive it until some point this month, but I kept having nightmares of somehow not graduating because I forgot to pay a library fine or something small. Reading horror stories of people not graduating because they didn't fulfill all requirements despite their own advisors reassuring them they were all set definitely didn't help either!

Now that I can stop worrying about getting my Bachelor's, I can devote all my worry to getting a job! I've been home since Christmas and no one's been interested. I REALLY want to avoid retail if I can help it; I've been there once and have no desire to go back.

Despite the job hunt, life's been pretty good. Adam recently got a job at a phone company in Quincy Point that he really likes. We even attended the holiday office party together, and I've seen his office. He looks really cute as a businessman. We've been hanging out with our friends on our typical Thursday Night Out. We've been playing a lot of Wii games, like ricing up cars in Need for Speed Carbon, playing Wii Sports, and wondering at the weirdness of Wario Ware Smooth Moves and Rayman Raving Rabbids. Tonight we admired Phung's awesome new widescreen monitor, and played a lot of Mahjong (real Mahjong, not the "matching pairs" Mahjong that I was addicted to). Gamewise, I finished Sam & Max Episode 3, and am now plodding through Final Fantasy III for the DS so I can borrow Gracie's copy of Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (I LOVE that series).

As for Uru, I like how they've spread out the release of existing content in order to keep people in the game instead of just waiting for launch (6 days!!) Regarding Cate as a possible(?) foil, that's fine, I just can't wait for the real villain (Destruction is Coming, y'know). I said it before in MOUL's official forums, but I want a bad guy who will make me think twice about being somewhere alone. It would be a nice change of pace to play off of someone who's not DRC-related.

This might sound weird, but when Cyan says destruction, I want some destruction all up in this cavern. Cyan doesn't do earth-shattering events often at all, so whatever they decide to do, it will resonate all the stronger. Maybe it will be an earthquake, a villain who can match Yeesha's abilities, a dramatic death, a dramatic return--heck, maybe all of the above is in the cards eventually. But whatever we face in the future, I'm sure we'll be able to find a way and make a home.


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