Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Frailty, thy name is BINGLES"

For the love of Atrus, is it Thursday yet?!? The wait is killing me! I've been playing WoW again to take the edge off. I've given up playing my mage Schalazeal. A few months ago, I rolled a warrior named Nuhdahtahv (D'ni for "disaster") on a whim, and found her to be much more fun. It's great to blow through quests that gave me trouble before because now I can actually take some damage. Mining is also much more fun than picking herbs for alchemy. It's also fun to travel with Adam's Level 70 hunter--we ran through the Barrens for a warrior quest last night, and no Horde dared to touch me.

I also got my haircut today, because I finally landed a job interview! Unfortunately, the interview is scheduled for Thursday afternoon--I wanted to set aside the day just for Uru. Plus we don't know exactly what time MOUL is launching either.


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