Saturday, April 07, 2007

If you give a Sorceress a job...

...she'll get her very own checking account and ATM/debit card.

...and then it will dawn on her that she's no longer broke and also can buy things online without having to beg her mother for her credit card.

..and then she'll buy an Atrus action figure on ebay and consider buying the Saavedro one next payday and then she'll open up an Amazon account and yikes what a terrible application of one's hard-earned money.

Not really--the figure was less than $10.

I have never been a big spender (not just because I didn't really have the cash much of the time), and I'm not worried that my newfound financial freedom is going to change that. It's just that the feeling of having my own money that no one else can touch is so rewarding. Besides, it's my birthday on Monday, so Atrus with his raincoat and little Releeshahn linking book is a present to myself. Well, that and the Nintendo Wii I bought last week. :)

I've been working at my new job for a few weeks now. I'm a clerk at a mental health facility. My official title is a long way to say "receptionist", but I also do a lot of filing and data entry. It gets very busy during my shift in the afternoon/evening, and they threw a lot at me the first few days, but everyone has been really nice and they say I'm doing a great job. And it's definitely better than being unemployed!


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